Delete an Onoff number

⚠ WARNING: deleting your number will cause a permanent and irreversible loss of your associated data (contacts and history). 

When you remove your Onoff number, it goes into quarantine.
It will be available at the top of the number purchase list during this period.
Once the quarantine period is over, the number will be back on the market for all users.

If you wish to recover the same number during the quarantine period, you must redeem it as a new number.

On the mobile app:
° From the home screen, open the left pane via the side menu ☰ at the top left
° Scroll down the "Options" under your number
° Select "Number settings."
° Press "delete number" and follow the steps.

On the web app:
° Scroll down the "Options" under your number
° Press "Delete number" and let yourself be guided to the final deletion of your number.

As a reminder, porting a number, deleting a number, or even an account does not cancel the auto-renewable subscription made via your store.
To cancel your subscription, please refer here: Cancel automatic renewal.

For web app purchases, deleting the number or the account will cancel the subscription.

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