What is an Onoff number and how does it work?

An Onoff number is a virtual number.
It works with the network of your SIM card from any device!
Just log in to your Onoff account, and all your contacts, calls, and messages will appear in the app.

Your numbers are individually organized - making each number a self-contained communication environment.

You can add up to 5 to your account, and your contacts will only see your Onoff number during your communications.

With an Onoff number, you can:
° Activate or deactivate calls, messages, and voicemail whenever you want (Activate or deactivate functions (calls, sms, messaging))
° Make it invisible thanks to "Private Mode" (Private mode)
° Personalize your mailbox (link to "Personalize my voicemail")
° Choose the time when your message will be sent (link to "Send a delayed message")

And more!

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