Porting my number to Onoff

You have the possibility of importing a French number into the Onoff application to use it as a secondary line in addition to your main line (which must remain with your operator).
To do this, contact the operator of the line you wish to import or call 3179 to obtain the RIO code (unique code attached to your line, essential for any portability).

° From the home screen, open the side menu ☰ at the top left of the application and select "Get a new number."
° Select "Port French SIM number"
° Let us guide you to start the migration process.
⚠ PLEASE NOTE: If you only have one line, you must not port it in the Onoff application as this will terminate your operator contract, and your number will become unusable.

Once entered into the application, your number will be chargeable from €3.49 per month*.

Your Onoff number will be directly linked to the SIM card installed on your mobile.

Outgoing calls will be deducted from your package under the same conditions as the native number. If you have an unlimited call plan, your outgoing calls from your Onoff number will also be unlimited. If the operator charges for calls to or from abroad, the same applies to Onoff outgoing calls.

Incoming calls work on the VoIP system; therefore, it is free when your mobile is connected to an Internet network (4G or Wifi), no matter where you are and from any country.

The exchange of messages between numbers of the same nationality is also free. 

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