What are international calling packages?

There are two ways to make international calls with your onoff number. One is to buy credits on a pay as you go system, and the other is to buy calling packages to a country of your choice so that you can save even more money!

Just to be clear, international calls are those between your onoff number and a number from a different country. For example between your French onoff number and a US number.

To purchase a package follow these basic steps:

- Scroll to the top of the side-bar and tap on the plus icon under “Packages”


- Choose the country you would like to call
- Select the calling package of your choice and tap “Purchase”

- Follow the payment method of your choice and you’re good to go!

NB: Please be aware that the minutes displayed can vary slightly depending on which number you are calling from. You can see for yourself by going on the country’s package of your choice, and then tapping “Read more”.


Here you can enter the number you will be calling from and the minutes per month will be displayed.

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