How will I be charged for using onoff?

Since your onoff number uses the regular network from your mobile phone operator, all GSM/CDMA calls will be deducted from your SIM card.

SMS to the same nationality as your onoff number are free of charge.

Calls and text messages to other onoff App users are totally FREE!

International calls or SMS require onoff credits; you can get these within the app itself. Don't worry, they're not pricey!

The following table indicates how you will be charged for making calls and sending messages using your onoff number:



Total Cost

Calls to national numbers**

SIM card credits only

SMS to national numbers**


Calls to international numbers***

onoff credits + SIM card credits

SMS to international numbers***

onoff credits only

Calls/text messages to other onoff App users



*Total cost = onoff credits charge + your mobile operator charge.

**A national number is when the user has a SIM card from a supported country and has purchased a number from that same country (e.g. a French SIM and a French onoff number).

***An international number is where a user purchases a number from a supported country, but their SIM card is from a different country (e.g. UK sim with French onoff Number).


You can find more information about onoff Credits here.

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