How do I make a number invisible/visible?

To make your number invisible in app

From the Side menu, find the number/category that you wish to turn invisible and click “Options”. In this list, you’ll see “Stealth Mode”, tap this to enter the following screen. This shows information about Stealth Mode (read it, it’s really important!) — tap the slider next to 'Stealth' to continue.

Enter a 4-digit password to hide this number. Then confirm it by entering again. (Remember to pick something memorable!).

There will now be a button under the number you wish to hide that reads "Stealth mode active" and it’ll have an extra button to tap next to it — “Hide”. This does exactly that and makes your number invisible. Just like magic!

To make your number visible

"For Android Users"

Open the app and pull/swipe down on the Side menu. You will be prompted to enter the 4-digit password that you set up for that number and boom...your number is back!

"For iOS Users"

Open the app and pull/swipe down from the top of the screen. You will then be prompted to enter the 4-digit password you chose when turning Stealth mode on. Your number will now be visible in the app again.   

Major Warning! Do NOT forget your 4-digit password as recovering it is a rather lengthy process!


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